We design and create many art products...salvaged hardwood charcuterie, bread & cheese boards, which are all one of a kind. Also, our very popular, adorable Art Clocks made with our original artwork that have matching swinging pendulums, over 100 to choose from.  We have a line of Christmas ornaments that you can have personalized to make a truly thoughtful gift & keepsake for years to come.

We are full time, professional touring artists. You've probably seen us at a fine art show in your city.  We are happy to offer our products, here, online so that you can purchase our work, even after the show is over. 
We are tree huggers! We use wood from locally sourced and salvaged hardwood trees. A living tree can give us food...nuts, fruits & syrups. A living tree can provide shelter & protection for us. A living tree can provide fuel  to keep us warm and cook our food. A dead tree can "live forever" when we recycle it into one of our wood products.  To honor our trees, we designed our logo from an ancient Celtic "tree of life" symbol. We added a honeybee because we use beeswax on our wood serving boards. Our heritage is of Celtic and Norse ancestors. The Celtic knots tie us all together...roots, birth, tree, life, bee, us...infinity. One can not live without the other. The bee forms a "heart" connected to the tree...love & respect for each other.

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